Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1 – 2 (Dark Horse)

star wars comics Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

Anyone who loves Star Wars will love this comic book. Whether you’re interested in comics or not, there’s just no denying the absolute awesomeness of this series. The story opens on Leia, Luke and Wedge, who are flying X-wings outside of some distant planet, scouting a new location for the next rebel base. Of course, it isn’t long before an Imperial Star Destroyer shows up and disrupts their work.

The story takes place after the battle for Yavin which in movie terms puts it somewhere between Star Wars IV A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader has been demoted for his embarrassing defeat and even loses control over his own personal destroyer. Here we get to see Darth Vader’s role as the Emperor’s bitch played out in more detail. Vader is leaving in shame and must pass the torch to his successor,  a career-driven dude who can’t wait till the big dark guy is off the ship. Vader’s idea of passing the torch, of course, involves basically threatening to kill the guy if he screws up. Nice.

 Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

Luke plays a supporting role as the focus of these two books is mainly on Senator Leia, who is being given a top secret mission. The story pre-dates Jabba’s gold bikini, thankfully, and Leia is portrayed as being an amazing pilot on top of a brilliant strategist and diplomat.2we Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

While the book can get a bit bogged down with what seems like too much dialogue at times,  there’s really no room to complain as the dialogue is what drives the story that keeps you glued page after page. 

The artwork is amazing, not only on the covers but on the inside as well. Often with comics these days, companies will splurge on an incredible cover but the inside art will fall way short of expectations. Not the case here as Carlos D’Anda’s imagery does not disappoint.

StarWars PointyDeathAllTheWayDown zps2889f6d2 1 zpsed5afe8a Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

Han Solo also makes an appearance. He’s talking to Chewy about his favorite topics: money, Jabba, bounty… bla bla bla… But wait, who’s conspicuous ship is that hiding behind a big space boulder as the Millennium Falcon zooms by obvlious…?

Star Wars 2 Slave 1 Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

Regardless of what Disney has planned, this series is a must-have for anyone who loves Star Wars, and I’m talking about the real Star Wars, the ones that came out before George Lucas lost his mind over CG effects.  The #1 is in its third printing and #2 just came out a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait to see what #3 has in store… Rating: A+

pixel Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1   2 (Dark Horse)

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