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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue to deliver one of the best comic books out there.  With the Night of the Owls cross over complete, Batman begins his assault on the Court itself.



Snyder continues to both impress and shock me at the same time. What really stood out in this issue is just how Snyder has a voice for every character and they all serve a  purpose in the story. He takes everything that’s been said and done over this nearly year long run of his into account and incorporates both modern and older Batman plots and stories.

While at the beginning of the issue it looks like Batman is going to simply take the Court down, Snyder does something completely unexpected and quickly turns the whole story on its head and just like Batman, we are puzzled. When Batman finds the entire Court slaughtered in an abandoned mansion, he quickly discovers that the Court was nothing but a means to an end and the true master mind behind all these events is still out there.

Needless to say the big reveal of who the main antagonist is and what this character is connected to Batman will make even die hard fans go WOW! It really is a big surprise and one that truly takes Batman’s entire history into account. Snyder also uses the back up story Fall of the House of Wayne as a way to continue this plot point.

Greg Capullo again does a fantastic job drawing this book, but Rafael Albuquerques art style from American Vampire perfectly fits in with the Batman story and it steals the show.






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Damian Wayne continues to be my favorite Robin out of the whole bunch, in this issue we see the War of the Robins! The story begins with a family photo and most of the dudes from the Bat family (excluding Jason) comes back to Gotham for a family photo.

Things don’t go so well when Damian and Tim begin arguing. That same night Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian meet at the roof of a building.  Damian says he will defeat them and prove he’s the best Robin!


Damian continues to be an arrogant little bastard and I love him for it.  First of all, this issue was funny at times which is pretty surprising for a Bat book.  Tomasi managed to make me laugh at some parts, particularly when Damian challenged all of the former Robins and their expression and reactions to his challenge were hilarious.

Also we got some great dialogue between Jason, Tim and Dick.  While Jason still isn’t on great terms with his former family, it was great to see that they aren’t enemies and they can have a civil conversation.

But the stand out part of this whole issue was Damian and Tim’s fight in the Batcave.  They both confront each other about the no killing rule but they break it anyway.  They’re too stubborn to admit they’re wrong and this stubbornness causes them to have a pretty intense fight scene.

The great part of this fight is that Damian doesn’t hate Tim.  He just feels that Tim is too distant from the family and tries to flee instead of embracing that he is a Robin and part of the  Wayne clan.


The art of the book remains solid, but the characters can look very weird and disproportionate at times. Also how come no one notices do Tim and Damian nearly killing each other in the Batcave? This is particularly puzzling because of a panel with Bruce and Alfred working on the Batmobile in the cave.



The Amazing Spider-Man #687

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I was one of the people who got into Spider-Man during the Spider Island story, and it is still one of the best story lines I have ever read in my life.  I hoped that Slott would continue with great Spidey stories but that’s not the case here….


ENDS OF THE EARTH IS OVER! And the art is very, very good.


I don’t know about you guys, but I hate this story arc.  It is a huge step down in quality from Spider Island. Doc Ock’s whole plan is so cliché and uninteresting.  Silver Sables apparent death is meaningless because Marvel is infamous for bringing back dead characters mere months after they bite the dust.

Spider-Man has taken down the Sinister Six before.  Now with his new high tech gadget Spidey in gear he should have no problem fighting them now. But instead of actually making this a Spider-Man story this is just THE AVENGERS AND THEIR PAL SPIDER-MAN! This is so annoying and it pretty much destroys any and all threat some villain or force could pose when you know the Avengers are just gonna show up anyway.

Another thing that ticked me off is that Marvel found another excuse to make super heroes fight each other, I mean what happened to villains?! Why do heroes need to fight each other in everything now?! Did they just run out of good stories to tell with the existing bad guys now but don’t want to do anything new because of  fan backlash?

Black Widow teams up with Spider-man just because she’s in the Avengers movie.

This should have been an Avenging Spider-Man story, because that books whole premise is Spider-Man teaming up with the Avengers to solve problems.  It would have worked there and It wouldn’t have ticked me off so much.


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