Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale

Oh wow, just got back from Comic Con 2007 and boy am I tired.  I finally got my new sandals and decided to test it out.  Walking around in that thing is painful, the material wa rubbing against my skin and peeling it off.  Right now my foot is really sore and not pretty to look at.  Other than that, Comic Con was great.

The girls reactions to my outfit never gets old.  It’s like I want to cosplay as other characters, but girls seems to like this, so I’ll be wearing this for a while.  A really funny moment to me was when this one girl in a car was shouting out, “Sexy!!!!”  I looked to turn around, and she wanted to see my whole outfit, but just when I turned, a bus pulled up, blocking both our views, lol.  This other guy was holding a “will hug Smexy people” sign and saw me and hugged me.  But the best reaction would have to be these girls outside the convention in San Diego.  They were celebrating I’m guessing their basketball victory.  They all wanted a piece of me and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want enjoy it.

img 5306 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
My greatest fans!

The best moment at Comic Con for me would have to be meeting Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer for 300.  I was just walking outside the convention and his posse was pointing to my outfit, and Michael went up to me and said, “I designed that.” And I was like, “Really? Well that means without you, I wouldn’t exist.” LOL.

img 5300 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
Me and Michael Wilkinson

Here’s some various pics for your enjoyment.

img 5301 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
Witchblade, Spartan and Aphrodite IX

img 5305 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
They have a Cave Troll

img 5298 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
Captain America vs 300 Spartan

img 5303 small Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale
Princess Leia

Oh yes, I would like to give a shout out to “Ice Cream Man” for giving me free ice cream and playing the Super Mario Bros 2 theme for their ice cream van song and the sword maker who had a baby doll dressed up as a Spartan.  Another shout out to Marcus, Victor, and Rob.

pixel Comic Con 2007 – A Spartan’s Tale

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