Comic Review: Abattoir #1

Abattoir cover 682x1024 Comic Review: Abattoir #1

Abattoir is a fun-filled horror fest with guts and gore that every horror fans can enjoy. It’s only fitting since the creator, Darren Lynn Bousmann, also directed a few of the SAW films.

Abattoir starts off with a father that flipped at his kids’ birthday party and started chopping everybody up. I don’t want to spoil anything but that scene sets up the mood for the rest of the issue. Then, we jump to “weeks later” to Rich Aschwalt, a real estate salesman that’s on a heavy slump. If he can’t sell properties, he risks losing his job, as well as his marriage.

But, luck seems to be on his side as he meets the old man, Jebediah Crone, the creepy guy in the cover. Aschwalt can’t sell the house because it’s where the slaughter in the first few pages took place, but Crone is interested. Why? We don’t know.

The first issue is strong, but could have been stronger. The story is truly captivating as we wait to see what happens next. Aschwalt’s dilemma is something we can all relate to. We know how it feels when so much is at stake. People lose their minds when things don’t go their way. Aschwalt seems to be on the wrong path. The artwork is amazing as usual, the digital painterly feel is very fitting for a horror story, very dark and shadowy. My only gripe is that I was hoping to learn more about the creepy old man. I guess I’ll have to wait for issue #2!

Overall, Abattoir is an enjoyable read, probably not for the young uns’ for obvious reasons.

Grade: B+

pixel Comic Review: Abattoir #1

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