Comic Review: Abbotoire

As issue 3 came out for Abbotoire, we are getting closer to revealing who the creepy old man is. Jebediah is the real estate buyer interested in houses with frightening pasts.

abattoir Comic Review: Abbotoire

Don’t get in his way, otherwise, you will become part of his plans. This is what happened to Richard Ashwalt, a property seller that refused Jebidiah’s offer. In this issue, Richard runs away from his family, and tries to uncover the Jebediah fellow. He discovers new things while pulling himself deeper into Jebidiah’s plans. The whole issue seems more like a setup for what’s about to be revealed in the next book.

The artwork is very realistic, especially the faces, that it becomes very creepy at times. Think of the film Fight Club or Seven if you really want to know how this book feels. The Jebediah character can sometimes come off as annoying more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, he is an interesting character, but let’s not drag the mysteriousness for too long, which is why I’m hoping that they will reveal his back-story in the next issue.

Overall, a good book if you like dark stories. This book is not for kids, the cover-art says it all.

pixel Comic Review: Abbotoire

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