Comic Review: Action Comics #900

Action Comics 900 Comic Review: Action Comics #900 
I’m not a big fan of Superman because he’s too damn powerful.  But I decided to check out the milestone that is Action Comics #900.  That’s a lot of issues!  The story deals with Superman fighting a god like Lex Luthor.  Instead of bashing each other’s brain outs, Luthor tries to make Superman feel pain.  This backfires because he finds out that Superman does really care about humans.  Luthor also finds out that Clark Kent is Superman which makes him more livid.  Then I realized that Luthor isn’t so smart after all.  After all these years he still doesn’t know Superman’s real identity. 

Then the other Super characters including Superboy and SuperGirl team up to beat Doomsday.  Superman shows up at the end of the story only to find out there’s several Doomsday he has to battle.

Since this was #900, this was a special issue.  There were other stories including one about Jor-El, Superman’s humanity, and his love for Lois Lane written by Richard Donner (director of the original Superman movie).  In one of the stories, Superman questions the ethical decision his country makes.   This caused a lot of buzz but to me it wasn’t a really big deal.  It’s what Supes would do, just like what Captain America did in Civil War.  He fights for the people and not for the country.  The best short story was about Superman’s dad, Jor-El.  It’s short but sad and tragic. 

There’s also a cool artwork by Brian Stelfreeze.

?superman900splash Comic Review: Action Comics #900

Overall, I didn’t care for the main story.  We already know what Superman is all about but DC wanted to drive home the point again sincd it’s #900.  The short stories were better and made for an easy read.

Grade: B

pixel Comic Review: Action Comics #900

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