Comic Review: After Dark #1

afterdark Comic Review: After Dark #1

Created by Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua, and Blade star, Wesley Snipes, After Dark is a story about a group of misfits sent out to search for a special person that they believe can change the course of the world.

After Dark #1 starts off with the misfits sent out to look for this special person in an isolated part of the world, where no person would dare travel in the dark. The crew takes off, but nothing is as planned. The crew despises each other, and one is infected with a virus. The mystery lies in finding out who the bad guys are, and what lies in the dark? Who can be trusted?

After Dark scene Comic Review: After Dark #1

After Dark is an entertaining read, but lacks depth, at least in the 1st issue. The artwork is very stylish, and painterly, but a little too dark for me. Some illustrations are hard to understand, I had to look very carefully to see what was going on. There is potential in where the story is headed, but nothing stuck with me from the first issue.

Overall, this is still a good read, and what caught my attention the most are the creators. But, nothing in this comic made this a uniquely Fuqua or Snipes creation. But, maybe we’ll see that in the next issues?

Grade: C

pixel Comic Review: After Dark #1

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