Comic Review: Detective Comics #1

detective Comic Review: Detective Comics #1

The re-launch of DC Comics with 52 titles going back to issue #1.  I was against this because it just makes the company look lazy and lack creativity.  The characters are already established and they should build from it instead of creating a new backstory.  My friend gave me a copy of Detective Comics #1 and while it was an easy read, I don’t see why this was rebooted back.  The writer (who’s also the artist) already assumes that you know who Batman is and other characters like Comissioner Gordon and Joker. 

Yep, Joker is the villain in the first issue and there’s nothing shocking about his antics.  Batman is out to find him before he kills again but he has doubt if someone is also after the Joker.  The story isn’t boring and it keeps your interest but overall, there was nothing new to it.

The art was good.  I like Batman’s metallic glove and boots.  It wouldn’t really be practical in real life but it looks cool, especially when he’s jumping around Gotham City roofs.  I’m not going to spoil anything but the last page had great art.  

It’s worth reading if you’re interested in the new move by DC but overall, it’s not great.

Grade: B

pixel Comic Review: Detective Comics #1

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