Comic Review: Earp – Saints For Sinners

earp Comic Review: Earp   Saints For Sinners

I was excited to read this comic, since it was rumored that Tony Scott might direct the film adoptation. Now, I learned that Sam Raimi might do the movie. Not as exciting as Tony Scott, but at least it’s not McG! Earp, as the title suggests, is about the legendary lawman of the west. But, take the old settings and throw everything into the near-future, you have Earp: Saints for Sinners.

What if another Great Depression hits us? This is the basis of the story. Another Great Depression means riots, and a lot of chaos. The cities will start to resemble the Old West. Each man is allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense. Then, comes the bank robbers such as Jesse James, they become instant celebrities because they have the will to take what they want. Who can stop them? Wyatt Earp and his brothers. The stage will be set in Las Vegas, where the people are desperate, and everybody is looking for Gold, or in this case, hitting the jackpot in one of the top Casinos in town.

The re-imagining of the story is fun and creative. But, if you’ve seen Tombstone, or other Wyatt Earp movies, then you are already familiar with the concept of the book. I underdstand that this is supposed to be a re-imagination of an old-tale. But, I’m still hoping for a slight deviation from the original stories, something that stays true to the characteristics, but adding something fresh at the same time.

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Overall, this is a very good read, a great representation of a legendary Western figure. But, I’m hoping for an extra punch in the next issues, I want to be surprised. This comic is only a teaser, and I enjoyed looking at the different versions of the same iconic rough-patched characters from the old classic tales.

Grade: B

Price: $1

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