Comic Review: Earp – Saint For Sinners #2

earp Comic Review: Earp   Saint For Sinners #2

Earp, as the title suggests, is about the legendary lawman of the west. This version though, takes place in Las Vegas, the new boomtown of the West. The story is quite similar to the old tale, but it has enough differences to keep the story interesting. Las Vegas is created as a character in itself, it feel glamorous but unstable at the same time.

The Earp brothers are trying their best not to get involved with the struggle between the outlaws and the Pinkertons. You just know from reading this book that they will have no choice but to dive in. Even Wyatt’s best friend, Doc Holliday is ready for it, and is sometimes an instigator to push Wyatt into the fight.

The artwork is great, somewhat surreal but very painterly. It works very well for the mood of the story. At first, I was taken back with the idea of a Wyatt Earp reboot, but this issue got me. The story is picking up, and makes me want to read the next issue. It’s not so much as I’m wondering what will happen because I think I already know the story, but it could also take a totally different turn. But, the book is just very well-written that regardless of whether you know the story or not, the little things like the art and the dialogue will keep me wanting more.

I recommend this book.

pixel Comic Review: Earp   Saint For Sinners #2

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