Comic Review: Hotwire: Deep Cut #2

hotwiredeepcut02 Comic Review: Hotwire: Deep Cut #2

Hotwire is an exciting fast-paced story about Alice, she can be likened to a cyber-exorcist. She is gifted, she knows how to hunt cyber-ghosts, or what they would call “Blue Lights.” The Blue Lights aren’t your typical ghosts that we are accustomed to, they are not green and slimey. Instead, they are blue, somewhat robotic, and they love electricity.

The story is very entertaining and fast-paced, It almost feels like you are in a cyber-punk club with all the lights and visuals coming at your senses. This is great, as so many books out there are too dull, too often. This one has a lot of good action. I was particularly fond of the scenes where two Blue Lights are wondering in the forest, but one hasn’t accepted that she has died from a car accident. From her point of view, they are both still in flesh, but in reality, part of her head is hanging off to the side. Cool stuff.

The artwork is simply amazing. They added a slight green tint to the pages, which works very well with the cyber theme of the book. The characters look somewhat photo-realistic, but mixed with a slight touch of water color.  This series has one of the best artworks I’ve seen in a while. As I was reading, I kept thinking to myself “only if they made this into a film.”

This book is out now, and I highly recommend it!

Grade: A

pixel Comic Review: Hotwire: Deep Cut #2

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