Comic Review: Hotwire – Requiem For The Dead

hotwire Comic Review: Hotwire   Requiem For The Dead

This is a review for Hotwire #1, it’s an interesting story set in the near future where ghosts and the living share the same world. But, certain ghosts called “blue lights” can become dangerous for the living, so comes Alice Hotwire. The world is very cyber-influenced where cars drive themselves, and the road is made of soft material.

This issue tells a story of how Alice Hotwire became an Exorcist Detective. Her partner, a normal human detective was called to investigate a paranormal scene, where a “blue light” was spotted, then tried to run away from the cops. Alice was on a break from an injury she suffered months before, and is called in to join the chase.

Hotwire Bike Page Comic Review: Hotwire   Requiem For The Dead

This was an entertaining read, I really enjoyed the cyber-influenced world in which the story takes place in. Also, the artwork is amazing, it feels digital but with a water-color layer added to it. The main character is cool, but you don’t get to know her well enough in the first issue, she is almost like a free-spirited teenager but is smarter than everybody else around her. She has to take a pill to bring her IQ down to normal level, as being too smart makes her a bore.

If you are looking for a read that is a little different than your typical Superhero comics, then I recommend this book.

Grade: A-

pixel Comic Review: Hotwire   Requiem For The Dead

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