Comic Review: Revival #1 – 5 (Image)

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I have to apologize for not reviewing this series sooner. I almost feel as if it was a selfish move on my part, keeping a gem like this all to myself. Of course, that’s not entirely true, either, because this book has gotten extremely popular since it first came out over the summer, having already gone into multiple printings with rumors swirling of a TV adaptation. So if you haven’t picked up a Revival comic book yet, I guess this article is really for you.

To say this is just your average zombie story would be selling Revival short. Writer Tim Seeley (Witchblade, Hack/Slash) describes it as “rural noir” so it’s a little more than zombies, too.  It’s part undead, part supernatural, part crime drama. The name itself implies that there isn’t just a resurrection but something more. By definition, to revive means to bring back to life or consciousness, to resuscitate. So the “revivers,” as they’re called, can seem real, act real, do everything they did before they died and came back. Although, not all of them act anything close to normal…

The setting of the story is like something out of the film Fargo:  sparse, snow-covered woods which lend an eerie feeling to the landscape. This makes sense, of course, seeing as Seeley is originally from Wisconsin. Fittingly, the characters are usually dressed like the image above, with ski caps and sweaters and such, which isn’t quite the typical fashion for comic book characters, but for some reason, it all works.

There was a lot of buzz when this book first came out. People knew about it, were looking for it, etc. Even though it’s difficult with comic books, I try not to judge them all by their covers. But if I went by the cover alone, I’d still get the book. Check out #5 which just came out on Wednesday:

IMG120529 Comic Review:  Revival #1   5 (Image)

Unlike some first issues I’ve read that move like molasses and barely give anything away in an attempt to entice the reader to see what happens in (and purchase) issue #2, Revival wastes no time jumping right into the action and as such, hooks you in so that you’re not just wanting to read #2 to see what happens, you’re practically salivating for it. Or at least I was, and have been every issue since.

It kinda reminds me of The Walking Dead in a way but it’s definitely lighter. I’m not sure if it’s the snow that just puts a more pleasant sheen to everything or if it’s some aspect of the story and dialogue.  Revival deals with some pretty heavy stuff but there’s almost an undetectable, underlying humor to it all that balances everything out really nicely. I don’t want to give any more away, so all I can say is go buy this book now!  And let me know what you think… Rating: A+


pixel Comic Review:  Revival #1   5 (Image)

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