Comic Review: Ryder on the Storm #3

ryder3 Comic Review: Ryder on the Storm #3

Ryder is a private investigator investigating a murder that leads him to a race of Daemons. He fights them, but soon realizes that he is one of them. Issue #3 takes us deeper into the world of the Daemons, including his mother. This mother angle sounds too much like Blade.

The story becomes very generic. They took away the mysterious world that was created in the first issue, and simply wrote in a very familiar story that I’ve seen so many times. It’s not unlike films such as Underworld and as I mentioned above, Blade. But, it’s not to say that this book doesn’t entertain. The dialogue is very understandable and easy to read. The art feels like it’s airbrushed, which is not my cup of tea because I don’t like the flat colors, but very well done for its kind of style. I really liked the way they did the layout, they didn’t try to be too artsy and kept everything simple in big frames of squares. This made it very easy to read, and panning through the pages once is enough to understand what’s going on.

Overall, a very enjoyable read. Just don’t expect anything innovative in terms of the storytelling. However, for $5, I cannot recommend this book unless you are a fanatic of dark horror/action types.

pixel Comic Review: Ryder on the Storm #3

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