Comic Review: Ryder On The Storm

ryder Comic Review: Ryder On The Storm

Ryder on the Storm is a tale of demons and mystery, it starts off with a phone call from a mysterious woman claiming that her lover killed himself. She calls Ryder to investigate, along with the police. Ryder’s father has a history with one of the detectives, and they dislike each other. As the investigators aren’t looking, Ryder swipes a note from the dead man’s hands. Who is the Mystery woman, and what was on that note?

The art-deco style is very appealing, the coloring is thick and very defined. Although not mentioned, I believe that the city resembles a mixture of New York and Chicago. I’m a bit disappointed that this book is bit too short as it is only a teaser, this is definitely worth $1, and I can’t wait for issue #1 to come out!

Grade: A-

pixel Comic Review: Ryder On The Storm

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