Comic Review: Transfusion #1-3 (IDW)

transfushun Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

I came across a retailer incentive variant of this comic book quite by accident a couple months ago and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Transfusion is a 3-issue series put out by the indie retailer IDW. They are known for books like 30 Days of Night, Star Trek, Transformers and Dr. Who.

If I were to compare this series to food, it would be like a slice of tiramisu: quick, tasty and leaving you wanting for more. Basically, Transfusion is set in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires feed on humans and … so do robots. It’s an interesting mash-up of some of my favorite genres together: sci-fi/dystopia and vampires.

Because they decided to only do three books in this series, I suppose they had to wrap up the story quick which is a shame because I think they could’ve easily gone five issues, maybe more. After #1 moves along so slowly, almost too slow, as a teaser, books 2 and 3 seem to fly by and you’re sort of left wondering why they didn’t spend a little more time telling what they’re setting up to be a pretty fascinating story.

The artwork by Menton3 is insane. Otherwise known as Menton J. Matthews, III, prior work includes a graphic novel called Monocyte.

MONOCYTE4coverA menton3 Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

Here is a blank cover he did some original art on using pencils and airbrush.

batman blank cover with original art by menton3 d5gcnv4 Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

Needless to say, in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires and robots are competing for human blood, it only makes sense to use an artist like Menton3. His art, like the landscape in the story, is dark, stark and just a little twisted.

untitled Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

transfusion1a Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

 Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

Here’s hoping for a #4 sometime in the not too distant future… 

Rating: B+

pixel Comic Review:  Transfusion #1 3 (IDW)

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