Comic Series Update: Wonder Woman Scrapped

wonder woman adam hughes Comic Series Update:  Wonder Woman Scrapped

After all the hype, the casting news, the controversy over the costume, the costume change, the Wonder Woman TV show is not going to happen… at least not right now.    According to Deadline Hollywood, there are several possible reasons for this latest turn of events.  The show itself was a decent production apparently, but there was a lot of skepticism in the beginning over the updates made to Wonder Woman, the costume being a big turn-off for a lot of viewers.  Test screenings also gave a lot of mixed reviews.  I can’t argue with the fact that in some of the images I saw, it did look a bit ridiculous having someone running down the street dressed like that.  It just didn’t make sense and I’m not sure how they went about explaining it.  But I guess we’ll never know.  It’s too bad, though, I would’ve liked to see Elizabeth Hurley as Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis and Cary Elwes as the CEO of WW’s company.

NBC did decide to add the following shows to their line-up:  the drama series Awake with Wilmer Valderamma, Amber Heard in The Playboy Club centered around – you guessed it – the everyday struggles of Playboy bunnies in the sixties, Maria Bello in the reboot of the British Prime Suspect, and last but not least, Smash which seems to be a Glee rip-off starring American Idol’s Katherine McPhee.  Hmmm, I’m starting to think maybe dropping Wonder Woman was a bad move on NBC’s part…

pixel Comic Series Update:  Wonder Woman Scrapped

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