Comic to TV News: Midnight, Mass. by DC/Vertigo

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Midnight, Mass., a comic first put out by DC/Vertigo in 2002, has been given the go ahead for small screen adaptation by NBC. Evan Daugherty, who co-wrote Snow White and the Huntsman, will be scripting the show and Warner Brothers will be producing.

The title Midnight, Mass. is a play on a late night Catholic church service given around Christmas time. It also refers to a coastal town in Massachusetts that, in this story, is like a supernatural playground. The main characters are a married couple who jet-set around the world working as paranormal investigators. They also have an assistant. You get the idea.

This will be the second time NBC and Warner Brothers try to adapt this comic for TV. Back in 2009 there was an attempt that didn’t make it past the pilot stage.

There is no word yet as to which books the series will cover, whether it will start with issue 1 or even if it will stay loyal to the original story. No characters or actors have been confirmed at this time as the project is still in development.

[Source: Deadline]

pixel Comic to TV News: Midnight, Mass. by DC/Vertigo

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