Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

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I have been asked by multiple people; which version of Cobra Commander is my favorite? That can be a hard question to answer. So I’ll give my answer in the comments and the reason why.
Although there are many versions of the Cobra leader to choose from; I’ve picked 4 of the more well-known.

 Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

CLASSIC! Original metal plate Cobra Commander!

METAL PLATE: In 1983, viewers first saw the Cobra Commander in this outfit.  The shiny metal plate covering his face, paired with the helmet made him come off as a creepy, terrifying Nazi!

By not having a face, Cobra Commander gave mystery to his character.  One could also decide that the Commander was every form of evil in the world.

It was not until the animated movie that his appearance was revealed and as the metal plate fell to the ground the viewer could see that it was full of electronics.

Of all the versions, this was the first and is most recognizable.

 Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

The metal plate comes off and his identity is concealed under a hood.

HOODED: In the next 5 episodes in 1984, viewers went into a short-lived excitement as Cobra Commander took off his helmet and plate.  We all thought that his identity was going to be revealed but alas, a servant was at the ready to hand the evil ruler of Cobra a blue cloth hood which covered his face but revealed his eyes giving him noticeable emotion.  Odd that there was pale skin revealed through the eye holes which defeats what was shown in the animated movie.  However, this incarnation of the Cobra leader gave him the look of a Klansman.  How much more evil can you get!

The humanity aspect gave a new view of the Commander.

 Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

Call him Fred VII or Cobra Commander, he is still the Cobra Leader.

ARMORED: The armored Cobra Commander gave new purpose to the evil leader.  The Commander was now tough and at the front lines in the play-time of children.  Hand to hand with Duke or leading his soldiers into battle, this was the definitive Cobra Commander.

In other stories and action figures this was Fred VII a former Crimson Guard whom took the guise of the Cobra leader.

The file card describes the suit as high-technology with a bomb in it.  What is more fitting for the all-powerful Cobra Commander.

 Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

The "real" Cobra Commander...?

MOVIE: They were always cartoon characters or art in a comic book; until now.  The live action movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra featured the cartoon come to life.  A completely new look and a face behind the mask.  Say what you will about the design, costume or the figure as a whole–this incarnation came out as being interesting if anything.  The clear mask revealing a burned face beneath gave the ultimate reality of the man behind the mask.

A few versions of the figure exist, however I’ve never seen this one with the air hoses.  The others have small alterations with the holes in the body and head–or a mask that is more clear than the others.

So there you have it, 4 of the best choices for Cobra Commander.  The other versions are from Resolute, comic conventions, STAR Brigade, ect…

It’s now YOUR turn!  Leave a comment below to vote on YOUR favorite Cobra Commander!

pixel Comment Poll: Which Cobra Commander Is Your Favorite?

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