Commentary On Total Drama!

It’s getting rare nowadays to find a show that is not only enjoyable to watch, but also, over-the-top funny.

From Canada and played on Cartoon Network and even Australia the Total Drama series has spanned 3 seasons so far.

TD group3 Commentary On Total Drama!

Starting with, Total Drama: Island, the animated comedy was spawned to make fun of reality shows by pitting teenagers against each other in the usual “reality” style contests. Topping the list is the classic “eating contest” where the kids are challenged to keep down some gross stuff with Dolphin Wieners being the grossest! (They’ll eat roaches but not dolphin, I love the commentary).

Total Drama Island introduces some great characters; the girls are really the most interesting with insane Izzy topping the list. Following this loopy redhead are Bridgette, the surfer-girl whom is one of the kindest, LaShawna the stereotypical girl from the “hood.” Gwen the Goth–also called EMO by one of the other girls and Heather the nasty, backstabbing (and front stabbing) bitch. Rounding out the cast are a host of other girls, each with their own quirks and personalities.
As for the guys, there are stereotypes left and right including Duncan the criminal Punk Rocker, Owen the lovable heavy guy and Cody, the poor geek who can’t get the girl of his dreams (crazy stalkers—no problem!

Most of the characters return for the second installment of the series called Total Drama: Action which is staged in an old movie lot. All of their challenges involve movie themes and it’s a fun show as was the first season.

Finishing the current series is Total Drama: World Tour in which most of the “cast” returns with a few new players. Alejandro is the hunky guy that all the girls fall for; however, he is also nastier than the character Heather. Sierra is a deranged “super-fan” who is in love with the character, Cody. Sierra’s best moment for me is when she’s using a pizza box as a computer and a real mouse as a mouse!

I’ve seen the show finished from Youtube videos of the Australian tapes and love the later episodes that they have not shown yet–especially China which I’ve seen multiple times already. (Sorry, no spoilers from me.)

Blaineley1 Commentary On Total Drama!


TD group21 Commentary On Total Drama!

Gwen And Izzy.

There is also a Web show on the side called Total Drama: Aftermath which is hosted by the character Geoff–the party boy. With him is a trade off of Bridgette–his girl (off and on) and the best character ever created! Her name is Blaineley and she is probably the lowest bitch in the entire show. She isn’t a teenager like the rest and all she cares about is her low-end fame and looking like a model. The big secret about her is the fact that she is caught on camera acting like a pig–if I say what these things are I’ll spoil it, catch the next “Aftermath” on and see for yourself, it should be on next week. Also, her antics are featured in the episodes taking place at Niagara Falls and China, it’s absolutely hilarious!

I always heard that there was a law in Canada where Women on TV could not be shown on the receiving end of violence, apparently it doesn’t apply to demeaning women–Yeah, some of this stuff is nasty–but so funny!

My favorite characters include Blaineley, Heather, Izzy and Bridgette; as for the guys I have a soft spot for Cody. I find Owen to be enjoyable—who doesn’t like “Big O” as Izzy calls him.

TD group1 Commentary On Total Drama!

Cody, Heather And Duncan.

All I can say is: Cartoon Network or Teletoon, put all of Total Drama on DVD complete box sets, they will sell!  (Total Drama: Island is on DVD–I hope it’s been selling well…)

Catch, Total Drama: World Tour Monday at 9pm EST and Total Drama: Island Tuesday-Friday at 7pm EST on Cartoon Network for all the laugh’s–if you like “reality” shows, you might not like that they are making fun of them, but I recommend it anyhow.


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