Concept: Gotham High

GothamHigh01 1024x477 Concept: Gotham High
Who’s the big guy behind Mr. Freeze? Is it Bane?

Imagine what it would’ve been like if all the Batman characters were meshed into one high school. It would’ve been called Gotham High, and WB was contemplating on making the concept into a TV show. Too bad it was never developed, all we have now are some cool concept art.

It would’ve been interesting to see how certain characters were before they became as we know them now. Was the Joker always crazy, or just a cool kid trying to be different?

GothamHigh02 743x1024 Concept: Gotham High
The outcasts

GothamHigh03 Concept: Gotham High
Penguin as a fragile nerd

More illustrations here.

pixel Concept: Gotham High

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