Contest Winners: Threadless Mario Kart Shirt

mario kart6 Contest Winners: Threadless Mario Kart Shirt

Thanks to everybody that joined the contest.  There were so many responses (71 total and we read all of it) and it took us longer than expected to choose the winners.  Didn’t know there was so much love for Luigi and Yoshi.  I predicted most answers (Who’s your favorite Mario character and why?) would be for Mario, boy was I wrong. 

We chose the winners based on originality and cool factor…yes it was really hard because of the awesome answers.  The first one goes to Emma:

“Toadette, because that’s what my brother used to call me when I was little. He thought I was short, chubby and wore diapers a bit too long. I took it as an affectionate nickname (cause I was three and stupid, duh!) and it’s stuck with me all my life.”

How cool and cute is that?  Her nickname came from the Mario games and it’s stuck with her forever.

mario kart5 Contest Winners: Threadless Mario Kart Shirt

The second shirt goes to Nishma R:

“I’d have to say Bowser is my favorite character. I really admire his determination to attempt to foil Mario time and time again. You would think he’d learn from the countless times he’s died by Mario’s hand but he just keeps coming back for more. He is the embodiment of a hard worker. No matter how many tries it takes, or how many times he fails, Bowser will always pick himself up (or regenerate I guess) brush off his shoulders and move on to the next castle. Bowser inspires me to never give up.”

We loved the way this guy thinks.  Turning the main villain into a daily inspiration.  Let’s hope we can all be like Bowser one day!

Thanks again for everyone that joined the contest.

Special thanks to Threadless for the shirts.  Make sure to visit them for the coolest shirts in the galaxy!

pixel Contest Winners: Threadless Mario Kart Shirt

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