Coolest…Sword…Ever! SDCC: Polly Pocket She-Ra!

Like totally! Polly is right, She-Ra’s sword is the coolest sword ever! Man…this is one girly set, but the detail is just too awesome not talk about.

PollyRa 1 1024x555 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

Offered at the 2011 SDCC and then on, the She-Ra Polly Pocket mini action figures or dolls as the girls would call them, are well-articulated and well detailed for their size.

The sturdy outer box has some really exceptional comic style art of She-Ra and Frosta on the front…

PollyRa 2 1024x588 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

…and Catra on the back.

PollyRa 3 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

Upon opening the box and removing whats inside, you are presented with one of the nicest packages for action figures ever made. The full color package features the characters inside with a scrawny-looking Hordak towards the rear of the right side and who appears to be Glimmer with She-Ra and Frosta. The art is really beautiful for an action figure package–but, that is only the beginning.

PollyRa 4 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

The back of the package has a bio for each of the three characters which mix She-Ra and Polly Pocket together, this is also detailed with great art.

PollyRa 5 1024x413 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

The “Polly-Ra” (as we’ll call it) package splits open–do this slowly or the inner tabs will rip and then the awesome package is worth nothing–to reveal a window with Frosta on the left, Catra on the right and She-Ra in the center. Each figure is supported by a thin plastic framework and the figures rock if you shake it a bit.

PollyRa 6 1024x768 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

The figures are amazing for being girly and small. Kerstie also known as Frosta has the details of the Princess of Power character and includes her scepter. The details in the eyes and even her freckles are just amazing for a figure so small. Frosta includes a cape, and articulation in the arms, legs and head.
Crissy as Catra trumps Frosta in the detail department, with the included accessories of a whip, cape and her cat mask which is translucent. The hair on Catra is always an attraction so it seems. In regards to the MOTU Classics Catra, the figures hair is just beautifully done and in the case of the Polly-Ra figures, Catra’s hair is no less than perfect. The outfit and face are absolutely well detailed and the eyes are once again perfect.
Finally, there is Polly Pocket herself as the Princess of Power, She-Ra. This figure takes the cake as being the best of the three. Featuring a silver chromed Sword of Protection, a gold chromed shield and gold chromed…tiara, crown, what are people calling her head armor these days…? Anyhow, it all looks awesome! Mini She-Ra’s cape is included as is her classic dress. Polly-Ra’s hair and eyes top her two package-mates in detail, but once again, all three figures are perfect.

PollyRa 7 1024x768 Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

Mattel really outdid themselves this time, finally, something made very well and detailed cleanly. The back of the opened display has a “burst” of color and allows you to see the back of the figures–more or less.

Sadly for me, I don’t have a spot where I can display this safely at the moment so I returned it back into the outer “mailer” box and put it on a shelf for now. Girly or not, I love the set and dare I say it might be worth the aftermarket price if that is what has to be paid. Mine came direct from the convention courtesy of Cricket so no aftermarket price-hike for me! HA!

Considering the quality of the entire product, the fan base of both She-Ra for everyone and Polly Pocket for girls, I give the Polly-Ra set a…


pixel Coolest...Sword...Ever!  SDCC: Polly Pocket She Ra!

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