Cosplay Chat With Mad Mel Madigan

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With a name like Mad Mel Madigan, I knew my interview with her was going to be zany.  Mad Mel is a big Spider-Man fan and find out below how she got to meet her beloved idol, Stan Lee!

Besides her cosplay experience we also talked about her love of video games and how to talk to cute nerds ad cons.

NERDSociety (NS):  How were you introduced to cosplay? 
Mad Mel Meligan (MMM): I’ve been really into costumes ever since I was a little girl.  Dress up was my favorite game to play.  And as I grew up, Halloween was my favorite holiday.  I would go all out for it.  I’ve always been into video games and comics so when I heard Miami Wizard World was coming, I freaked out and told my best friend we had to go.  Dressing up of course!

NS: Who did you guys dress up as?
MMM:  We went as Psylocke and Phoenix the first day.  Then Ivy and Harley the second day and we had soo much fun.  We took a ton of pictures and got to meet a lot of new people.  Nicolas Brendon actually came out of his booth and gave us both a hug and told us he loved our costumes.  We were so excited that we could hardly even tell him out names (laughing).  The whole experience was just wonderful.  We got a bit addicted 🙂

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NS:  Is that how you got your name because of your addiction to cosplay?

MMM:  Mad because I’m a bit cray cray.  Also because I like to rant a lot.  Which I’m planning on starting to do rant videos soon.  Mel is my name…lol and Madigan comes from a trilogy of books called The Looking Glass Wars.  Its based off Alice In Wonderland and my favorite character, just like in the traditional Alice In Wonderland, is the Mad Hatter.  His name in the book is Hatter Madigan and he’s the badass personal guard of the White Queen.  So, yeah! there ya go!

NS:  You make your own customs, how long does it take ?
MMM:  Depends on the costume.  I’ve had certain costumes that legit take me about 8 hours to make, and others that I have worked on for months.  It usually starts out with coming up with the idea in your head.  For me, as cheesy as it sounds, it usually comes in a dream or a daydream.  Since really none of my cosplays are traditional to the character.  So after I get that picture in my head, I get the supplies I know I’ll need and I just start making the different pieces.  And pretty much every single time something will go wrong and you’ll have to remake something.  For slave Ariel I tried 3 different tops before I settled on one I liked.  There are also times where I’ll just get…stuck. and not know where to go from that point.  I’ll pace back and forth and get really frustrated and usually I’ll go to target or michaels and BOOM epiphany and I’m back in the game!  And then you wear it.  And sometimes, the first time you wear it, things fall apart (laughing) and you learn for next time.

NS:  What was the idea behind Slave Ariel?
MMM:  I had actually seen my fan art of all the Disney Princesses in the slave garb because of Disney buying Star Wars.  I really dug it.  As anyone who is on my page knows, I’m way more into non-traditional, non-classic cosplays than traditional cosplays.  I like changing things up and making them new.  So I drew up some sketches as to what I thought slave Ariel would look like and it went from there!

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NS: So is there going to be a Jabba Ursula in the future?

MMM:  Yes there will be! Hopefully at Supercon I’ll have a Jabursula the Hutt with me.

NS:  Most memorable cosplay experience?
MMM:  When I met Stan Lee. I was dressed as Black cat and my boyfriend was dressed as Spider-Man and we went to take out pictures with him.  As soon as we walked in he looked at us and said “Wow! look at you too!” So we took the first picture and he was so friendly and hugged me really really close.  Then for the second picture I said “I’m going to kiss you on the cheek now, ok Mr. Lee?” and he said “I would be offended if you didn’t!”  So I kissed him for the picture and then afterwards he turned towards me and kissed me on the cheek and I swear I did not stop smiling for the rest of the day.  Then he turned to my boyfriend and said “you’re awesome but SHE’S got it.”  Best. Day. Ever.

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Can’t blame Spidey for being confused.

NS:  It sounds like you’re a true nerd, what geeks you out? 
MMM:  I guess getting overly excited when someone mentions video games, Spider-Man, the X-Men or anything else I’m obsessed with.  I think everyone is a nerd in some way, shape or form.  You may be really into sports.  I hate sports.  So if you start talking to me about them, I’m just going to start zoning out.  Just like when I start talking about how different the Harry Potter books were from the movies you’re going to just nod your head and give me that blank stare (laughing).

NS:  Who is your favorite comic character?
MMM:  Spider-Man because he’s freaking amazing.  No, seriously though, I love Spider-Man because he’s a superhero but he also has to deal with real life stuff.  That’s what always bothered me about other superheroes.  He has to go to school and deal with family.  Try to find a job and juggle relationships and there are only so many hours in the day so he MUST be exhausted.  And eventually he learns to balance it all WHILE being in like 7 different groups too.

NS:  What video games do you play?
MMM:  I have been insanely busy as of late so I haven’t gotten to play any of the games that I’ve really wanted to but I’ve been dying to play Sleeping Dogs.  I also can’t wait till GTA5 comes out because I’ve got a soft spot for GTA.  Two games that I never get tired of playing are Fable 2 and FFX-2.  I really like RPG’s, especially ones that let you explore open world.

NS: Any final word to your fans?
MMM:  I LOVE you guys!  Seriously, I have the best fans ever.  They are so awesome and so respectful and so supportive.  I am forever grateful to you guys!!

NS:  Oh yeah, one more question.  What dating advice would you give to guys at Cons who are shy of talking to cosplayers?
MMM:  At a convention, be respectful.  Definitely.  Start a conversation about her costume, the character, the game, movie she’s from.  Ask her about her interests.  Nerd girls are just like nerd guys.  We like talking about video games and comics and movies too.

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Harley and comic book version of Bane.

I want to thank Mad Mel for the fun and interesting chat.

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