Cosplay Experience: Loki on Midgard aka Fahrlight

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NS – When did you first get into cosplaying?:

FAHR – I made some closet cosplays, but the first was in 2011 as Charles Xavier from X-Men: First Class. The first real one was Loki in 2012.

NS – What are your favorite characters to dress as?

FAHR – Loki, hands down. He is the best! he is so special to me, I could never think of a day without caring about his agenda, his whole character and meaning. I love to portray him, even if I wish I could do more versions of him.

NS – Which Cons do you typically frequent?

FAHR – Sadly, just bookfairs I work on. I am a very shy person. and I don’t like crowded places.

NS – What was your most awesome cosplay experience?:

FAHR – It’s always great when children come up to you and enjoy what you do and believe even you ARE the character. That gives me much joy and meeting Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki in the movies) was just pure EPICNESS!

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NS – Please tell us a little more about the Berlin Premiere and meeting Tom Hiddleston.

FAHR – I went to the Berlin Premiere of Thor: The Dark World last October and waited in line for the actors at the red carpet. Tom Hiddleston had been informed by the press and the director of the movie, Allan Taylor that I was outside and I was even asked what I would do later when he would come to say hi to me. I told the press I would make him kneel, because I was dressed as Loki. When he came I did just that and he kneeled down and it was just mothereffing amazing!

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*** Fahr also met Chris Hemsworth (Thor) there ***

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NS – Do you have any other fun cosplay stories?

FAHR – We were once stopped by the police when he did a shooting at the train station and pretended to fight, Black Widow and me. They wanted to stop us, but then saw that we cosplayed “The Avengers” and they were Marvel-Fans, so they actually helped us in the end to take photos.

NS – What was your not so awesome cosplay experience? (cattiness, costume malfunction, etc.):

FAHR – Jealousy and hate, I would say. The cosplay-scene is full of it. Making fun of others is common on the internet. For me it’s mostly reading nasty things, that I photoshop myself pretty, things like that, and that people who buy costumes are not real cosplayers. But it’s my hobby. I love it and I don’t care.

But I feel bad when assholes pick on others, chubby cosplayers or crossdressers or dark skinned cosplayers. That hurts and it’s wrong and I wish I could stop it.

NS – Who are your favorite comic book / anime characters?

FAHR –  Spider-Man, Wolverine, Loki, Prof.X, mmh, many Marvel characters. Anime, I love Mangas but I don’t watch too many animes, I fear.

NS – Which comics/manga are you into reading these days?

FAHR – Loki: Agent of Asgard  SOO SOO good. They really managed the nest re-boot of the character so well. It’s amazing. Mangas: Bakuman really is something I enjoy.

NS – Do you have any tips for the prospective cosplayer?:

FAHR – Don’t listen to others when it comes to cosplaying a character you like and they think the character does not fit you. It is the love for that character that matters! Go for it, don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams! … and always look to get the details right and don’t forget FUN — fun is the most important thing about cosplay!

NS – Where will you be appearing next?

FAHR – I will visit the Frankfurt Bookfair, and hopefully the Japan Expo Paris.

NS – Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

FAHR –  Prince Hal, from the Hollow Crown, Kid!Loki from Young Avengers and Will Graham from Hannibal.

NS – You have a lot of likes on Facebook. Have any professional opportunities arisen out of cosplaying?

FAHR –  Mhh…many people want that I present their webpage or review their products. XD and I were invited to the Romanian premiere of Thor, which was amazing. Things like that pop up once in a while, but it’s hard to time with my real job: Mangaka.

NS – Please tell us about your job!

FAHR – I work as a mangaka and author for children when I am not cosplaying supervillains with XD. I started with a manga series about and against child abuse, “Losing Neverland” of the Butter & Cream Publisher, published in english as well. and spooky-cute books for children and adults alike, Skeffinton Scatters and Pouka & Spooks. Drawing is my biggest passion.

NS – I have some questions about your manga. I love the art. Are you the artist? If so, did you attend art school or is this natural talent?

FAHR – I went to a art-related school but did not study it at all. I had just time on my hands and rather staid inside and drew instead of going to play with friends.

NS – How is the business going?

FAHR – I am drawing my first comicbook, after a few mangas. It’s about a cute zombie boy caled Skeffington Scatters and his cats.

NS – What are your aspirations in that field?

FAHR – I am working on a tribute book about and with Neil Gaiman right now with a friend of mine. But we are in the pre-production still. But it’s going to be amazing.

You can see more of Fahrlight’s work by going to the manga’s website at

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Here is Fahr’s make-up tutorial on becoming Loki…

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For more on this amazing cosplayer, please click on the following link to go to Fahr’s Facebook page. Thank you so much for the interview pics and for sharing your passion with us, Fahrlight!

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