Cosplay In America Needs Your Help

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Just like me, my good friend Ejen, is running a Kickstarter campaign.  He successfully published his first book, Cosplay In America a couple of years ago.  He maxed out 3 credit cards and $20k in loans.  He wants to follow up his first book with a behind the scenes look of the cosplayers.  That means he’ll covering the prep work of the cosplayers including making the costumes and make up.  He’ll be all over U.S. covering different cons so we get a feel of the different cultures.

He’s close to his goal of $35,000.  He needs about $2,000 left in the next 5 days.  I think he’ll do it but let’s make sure to back him up (I made my pledge several weeks ago).  Every dollar counts!  I know how hard it is to start a Kickstarter campaign so let’s give him our nerd support!

pixel Cosplay In America Needs Your Help

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