Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!

bp Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!
One of the more recognizable cosplay photos taken at the Wizard World Con was of BP Stormborn dressed as Cyclops. It’s always interesting to talk with a cosplayer to get their perspective on things, particularly those who like to frequent the cons and cosplay in groups (which isn’t an easy thing to pull off!) I was fortunate enough to interview BP Stormborn and here’s what he had to say….
NS – Hey thanks for talking to us Stormborn. So when did you first get into Cosplaying?
SB–I officially began cosplaying at the 2014 New York City Comic Con.
NS – What are your favorite characters to dress as? 
SB –I don’t really have a favorite just yet but I do like characters that allow me to use spandex for the body of the costume, it’s the most comfortable.
bp2 Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!
NS – Which Cons do you typically frequent?
ST –New York City Comic is a definite. But I love to travel so any Con I get a chance to attend I will. So far for this year, I had the pleasure of going to Wizard World Philadelphia and ACBC.
NS – What was your most awesome Cosplay experience?
SB –It would be when I cosplayed as the Male armored version of Sailor Mars for the Sailor Nerds group cosplay.
bp5a Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!
NS – Do you have any funny Cosplay stories?
SB –When I cosplayed as Sailor Mars, I had Phobos and Deimos as props on my shoulders but Deimos never wanted to stay propped up the way he should. Needless to say it looked like he was giving me attitude the whole time with the way he stayed tilted on my shoulder lol
NS – Who are your favorite comic book/anime/film characters?
SB –My overall favorite character, being the True Queen that she is, would be Ororo ‘Storm’ Monroe, lol. There’re many other characters that I love but there’s too many to list!
bp4 Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!
NS – Which comics are you into reading these days?
SB –I’m currently following Storm’s most recent comic series and I’m also reading comics involving Thanos and the Infinity War.
NS – Do you have any tips for the prospective cosplayer?
SB –Be confident, be bold and don’t forget to have fun! BLAM!
bp1 Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!
NS – Great advice! Will you be at any cons in the near future and which ones?
SB –I’m definitely doing Flame Con and NYCC 2015. There may be a few others but who knows 🙂
Thanks a lot for sharing your cosplay experience with us Stormborn! You can like his Facebook page by going here.


pixel Cosplay Interview with BP Stormborn!

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