Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

NS – Hey Rob, thanks for talking to us today…. When did you first get into Cosplaying?

ROB – The first time I cosplayed was at New York Comic Con 2013 with my best friend: I was Jules Winfield and he was Vinny Vegas. My girlfriend was supergirl. I officially started cosplaying when I moved to Chicago from NYC on Novemeber 1st at a Halloween party at Green Lantern a cosplay I still do and have upgrades to as well. The first built cosplay is my famous Red Hood which I made all myself except for the helmet.

NS – What are your favorite characters to dress as?

ROB – Has to be my Jason Todd Red Hood.

I will be working on a Battle Ware Jason Todd after the joker beat the Frak out of him. And need to update my Knightwing. Now I am the Creator, Founder, and President of The Age of the Geeks Cosplay Group where we are 7 talented cosplayers that are friends that have fun cosplaying, setting up events and sharing the word of cosplay to people young and old. We are AoG!

NS – That’s awesome! Which Cons do you typically frequent?

ROB – New York Comic Con Wizard World Chicago Anime Central Wizard World Madison C2E2 Soon: San Diego Comic Con Dragoncon.

NS – What was your most awesome Cosplay experience?

ROB – Being on stage for Wizard World Chicago during the cosplay contest. Being on stage and showing off my creation just made my day.

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

NS – Do you have any funny Cosplay stories?

ROB –– The first time I started building my best friend in chicago and fellow AoG member Ken Seli and I were coming up with the base armour for red hood and we just decided to hot glue the craft foam to the compression shirt… Right onto my chest! Lol

NS – Who are your favorite comic book/anime/film characters?

ROB – Batman and Justice League Members. I am a DC Comics Fanboy.

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

NS – Which comics are you into reading these days?

ROB – I tend to don’t have time to read a lot lately. If I do pick up a book it’s usually a graphic novel from the 90’s or 2000’s. If anything strikes my attention I’ll get it. My comic book facts now come from: Comicstorian, Nerd Sync, Comics Explained and Variant YouTube pages.

NS – Do you have any tips for the prospective cosplayer?

ROB – Don’t give up! People will tell you: You’re too young. You’re too old. You’re too fat. Cosplaying is for nerds and weirdos. People have a misconception about cosplayers that we are weird people that are anti-social. NOT TRUE! I tell this to cosplayers: Do what you love. If you want to cosplay… Just do it! It’s ok to start off with bought costume, but build on it…. Please. Add accessories. Make it yours!

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

Tips on picking a cosplay: First start with the genre: anime, video games, DC , Marvel, Movies, 3rd party comics, Own creation? Then pick a side: hero or villain. Narrow it down to the top 3 characters that you feel you can portray. Then from there you establish your budget and see which character falls in the budget. Download the cosplanner app to track down your cosplay progress. And SHAZAM!:-)

NS –  Great advice! Will you be at any cons in the near future and which ones?

ROB – I am going to Con-Alt-Delete and possibly ChicagoTardis. The Age of the Geeks is already planning for DragonCon and C2E2 next year.

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

NS – Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

ROB – Right now I am going to be building on my famous Red Hood and I’m going to rebuild my Knightwing and start on my battle worn Jason Todd Robin. Future cosplays: Steve Urkel Frozone Black Adam

NS – I see that you are also a wrestler.What is your character name and signature move?

ROB – The A.S.S.: Arrogant Super Star Rob Fury… Signature move: The Dark Knight Night A headscissors spike driver while opponent is on his knees.

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

NS – Who are your favorite wrestlers? Growing up: Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit( what he did was horrible but you can not deny the impact he has in the biz)

NS – What connection do you make between wrestling and cosplaying, if any?

ROB – Actually there is no connection. I tend to keep cosplay and wrestling separate. As a Cosplayer I am more prone to helping people and being friendly, as the A.S.S……. NOT SO MUCH! Lol

 Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

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pixel Cosplay Interview with Rob Fury!

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