Cosplay Profile: Angelica Danger Dawn

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One of the most talked about cosplay photos to emerge out of this year’s Comic-con in San Diego has been this image of Angelica in her sexy adaptation of Ezio Auditore’s costume from Assassin’s Creed.  Angelica was nice enough to answer a few questions for our Nerd Society readers….

NS – How long have you been into cosplaying?

Angelica – Technically since I was 18, but I’ve been playing dress up since I was 2. My first costume was Jiminy Cricket and my sister was Pinocchio.

NS – Do you make all your own costumes?

Angelica – Sure do. I made the mistake of showing up to a convention in a purchased costume once and got torn up by the elitists. So now I just make ALL the costumes.

S – What are some of your favorite costumes?

Angelica – The ones made with love. I know it’s cheesy, but my favorite costumes are the ones I was super passionate about. My female assassin costumes are my best work, but it’s only because I love the story of Assassin’s Creed so much. I remember listening to Iron by Woodkid while making my blades and my armor thinking, I’m going to make something I’m proud of! You are your biggest critic so it’s great when you can surprise yourself with your own art.

NS – Have you ever had a major costume malfunction? (or any funny story involving cosplaying)

Angelica – All the time, at least once in every costume I’ve worn. That’s why I’ve learned to have dress rehearsals before conventions, but even then you run into issues. This year at SDCC I walked 3 or 4 blocks with my a$$ hanging out. The skirt came unstitched and luckily my friend and coworker Amie Lynn (from XX) saw it before anyone got a photo and before we got to the convention. We sewed me back up with some supplies I got and sent me on my way.

NS – What inspires you in your costume selection?

Angelica – First passion, you have to have passion and interest to want it. Next I have to figure out if I can fit the character’s actions and looks. Finally I have to ask myself can it be done. There are a lot of costumes that I just don’t have the skill or budget to get done.

NS – Your Assassin’s Creed costume is a huge hit. Have you gotten any interesting offers/ opportunities stemming from your recent SDCC appearance?

Angelica – Actually yeah, I’ve been in contact after the convention with someone from Ubisoft and a couple different photographers asked for shoots. The thing I’m most excited for though is a possible Sisterhood of Assassins. A few girls on my fanpage wanted to know how I made my costume and wanted to see sketches. So we started talking about me designing a few costumes and sketching them up. Then I thought about making an army of female assassins. We’ll see though… I’m not sure what will happen yet. But it’s is very cool to inspire other women and talk with them about something we love so much.

Oh also I’m a front page “Google” if you look up Hidden Blade my female assassin photo comes up on the front page. Sorry… I just thought that was a fun/cool little fact.

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NS – What sort of costumes are you planning in the future?

Angelica – Near future would be… Nurse Haru (FLCL) & Erza (Fairy Tale)
Then for Conventions like ComiKazi and Fetish Ball I’m sorry but I can’t give that away yet. I usually will drop hints as we get closer to the event.

NS – Do you have any advice for perspective cosplayers?

Angelica – Yes, no matter what people say be confident! If you have haters, you’re doing it right. Also anytime anyone says something mean just tell yourself, “I’ve yet to hear a good insult.” It’s true, I really haven’t.

NS – Any upcoming cons where we can expect to see you next?

Angelica – Sabo (PHX), Fetish Ball (LAS), and ComicKazi (LA)
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For more pics and info, you can go to Angelica’s fanpage. Thanks for the interview, Angelica!


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