Cosplay Spotlight: Sarah Ferguson

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Some cosplayers just dress up for conventions, festivals or Halloween. Sarah isn’t your average cosplayer.  Her everyday look is out of another era. She’s also not just into cosplaying. Sarah is a burlesque dancer who has performed the vagina monolgues.  (Although not at the same time). Nerd Society caught up with Sarah and she was nice enough to answer a few questions.

NS – How long have you been cosplaying?

Sarah – I’ve always liked wearing costumes and putting my own twists on things. I never really considered myself a true cosplayer. But as far as comic characters, I’d say I’ve been doing it about 2 years maybe?

NS – What’s been your favorite costume so far?

Sarah – My favorite is my Batgirl for sure. I got to mix my love for retro pin up styling with a recognizable and beloved character.

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NS – Which are your favorite comics?

Sarah – SAGA! I’m in love with that book. I’m also reading Batman and Spider-Men.

NS – I see you’ve dressed up as Catwoman. Who is your favorite?

Sarah – I’m actually kinda disappointed in the new 52’s portrayal of Catwoman.
I’d say Michelle Pfieffer was a pretty great Catwoman.

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NS – Tell us about any interesting or funny cosplaying experiences.

Sarah – Ah geez; I guess riding the public transit (MAX) in Portland while dressed as Catwoman was interesting… A lot of people didn’t know there was a convention was in town (because it was so small), so they assumed I was a dominatrix of some kind…

NS – What advice do you have for someone who’s interested in getting into cosplaying?

Sarah – HAVE FUN WITH THE COSTUME! Too many people seem to be so hung up on making a costume look super authentic, but if a character is easily recognized by a few things, design your own version of the costume; it makes it a lot more fun and you feel a stronger connection to the whole process.

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NS – How did you get into cabaret dancing?

Sarah – I started taking Burlesque lessons a year and a half ago, maybe 2. I fell IN LOVE with it. I had been in theatre in high school and the provocative theatrics of Burlesque filled the void that I had after a few years off the stage.

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NS – Have you ever tried to combine the two?

Sarah – Absolutely! There are ongoing “geek-lesque” performances around Portland that I’d love the opportunity to perform in. (I’m planning a ‘Silk Spectre; Sally Jupiter’ number).

NS – What plans do you have for future cosplay costumes?

Sarah – I’d love to be Wonder Woman of course, and I think I want to continue with the pin-up alterations for the costumes. I need to work on my Poison Ivy outfit and I’d love to be She-Hulk someday.

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Thanks for the interview, Sarah!

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