Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds

hulk punisher Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds

Ever since Phantom Menace came out, midnight screenings has been a common practice at big multiplexes for high profile movies. Last one I went to was for The Dark Knight and there were at least 1000 people in line, yes I know, I’m lagging on my midnight screenings. Dark Knight was shown in 7 sold out theatres. I enjoy midnight screenings because of the energy from the fans and you have some people dressed up as their favorite characters.

Meet Jordan and Calvin. They love to attend midnight screenings and don’t mind dressing up for the occassions. They’ve been doing it for a couple of years. To get a better understanding of the midnight screening madness, I decided to do ask them about their adventures:

darkknight Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Two Face (Jordan) and Joker (Calvin)

Nerdsociety(NS): When did you guys start attending midnight showings?
Calvin (C): I believe it was X-Men 2 back in 2003.
Jordan(J): It must have been, because that’s about the time that you started getting into the whole “Internet Fanboy” stuff, and we were both jacked up and psyched for this movie.

NS: From the get go, did you guys already dress up?
J: No, there was always something missing at the premieres.
C: It wasn’t till the Casino Royale premiere that we dressed to impress. We pulled out all the stops for that movie… Rented a car, wore tuxedos, played with airsoft pistols.
J: The audience loved it. We were hooked.

casino royale Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Bond, James Bond

NS: What’s the motivation for dressing up at the events?
J: We have always been very avid movie goers and loved the excitement that the cinema brings with every new release.
C: So I believe what he is trying to say is that, we dress for celebration. To give honor to these great events.

NS: What’s the most memorable event?
J: Mine would have to be for the Transformers premiere. I went to the store and got a bunch of boxes, went home and made “Boximus Prime.” The crowds loved it and so did the employees. I took lots of pictures that night and ended up getting my entire posse’ free tickets.
C: That was a great night but for me it was the Dark Knight premiere that I will never forget. The theater gave me a megaphone and I got the whole crowd to do the old school Batman theme. Wonderful evening altogether.
J: It was glorious.
transformers Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Robots in disguise

NS: The crappiest?
C: Hands Down…Blade:Trinity. I was behind on some bills, my dog was sick, my job sucked, I was really tired, and the movie was just awful. Another thing, go figure, my car’s a/c went out the very next day. Care to enlighten them Jordan?
J: Well, that night Calvin was too tired to drive home, so I…..
C: Wait, I have to tell them about the mechanic. I bring the car in and the mechanic comes out and tells me my car is fine now and the problem was a dead cat that got jammed up in the… The… You know, the thing that f—s up air conditioners on cars. So I call
Jordan to tell him this funny little story and he says…
J: After I dropped Calvin off at his house, he told me he would somehow get his car back the next day. So on my
way home, this cat jumps out of nowhere and boom! Oh my God, I just killed Hello Kitty. I felt
so bad, I went home and cried in the shower. I get Calvin his car back the next day and did not mention what had happened.
C: I would like to inform the readers that I did not bring my car into the shop until about a week after said event.
J: I’m so sorry.
C: Just be sorry for the cat.

military Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Tropic Thunder

NS: Do you guys make your own costumes?
J: We sure do. But sometimes my grandma helps with the sewing.

NS: How long does that take?

C: That all really depends.
J: Some costumes we can throw together out of our closets, but then some require a few man hours.
C: Yeah, It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a week. But we usually plan way ahead to get the general idea of what we will be
doing in the future. Like right now we have great plans for Transformers 2.

iron man Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Iron Man Crew

NS: Do you guys also dress up for midnight home video releases?
J: We have never done that.
C: Nope, can’t say that we have.
J: We were thinking about doing it for The Dark Knight when it came out, but we had to work the next day.

NS: What’s your guys’ favorite movies and comics?
C: Mine would have to be Fight Club and Hellblazer.
J: Tough one. Um…………The Shawshank Redemption and Daredevil.

NS: From a rate of 1 – 10, how nerdy are you guys and why?
C: It’d be about 6 or 7ish.
J: Because we never played high school sports, but also have never attended a “Trekkie” convention.

indy Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds
Indy and the swordsman

We want to thank Calvin and Jordan for the interview!

If you want to see a midnight showing with Calvin and Jordan, they always go to the Lake Charles United Artist Stadium 10 in Louisiana.

pixel Q & A with Midnight Screening Movie Nerds

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