Couture done with UFC.

randy Couture done with UFC.

Randy Couture, the only fighter in UFC to hold belts in different weight divisions, resigns. Couture said he was constantly getting screwed by Zuffa’s management, owner of the UFC. He didn’t appreciate constantly being lied to and the politics they played. Couture also felt he didn’t have challenge anymore since Fedor Emelianenko (Pride FC Champ), did not sign with UFC. Instead, Fedor signed with M-1, an organization that is rumored to have been bought by Mark Cuban and Vince McMahon. Couture has also been part of the commentating team for the main event fights.

DAMNNNNN! That’s what I said when my brother broke the news to me. I thought Randy was always cool with the UFC since they marketed him so well. But if he says he gets screwed by the UFC and he’s probably the most well known UFC fighter today, what does that say about the organization? Well, that’s easy, it means they’ll screw any fighters if they can.

Once his contract runs out from UFC, he might sign with M-1 just so he can fight Fedor. I guess to Randy it’s more about the challenge than the money. The rumor is that Fedor did not sign with UFC because they wouldn’t let him fight in Sambo tournaments. Randy said, it’s the absurd exclusivity the UFC wants with their fighters that also turned him off.

For UFC, this is a major blow.  Less than a year after buying out Pride FC, they practically monopolized the sport.  It also shows that M-1, might give UFC a run for their money.  I just hope M-1’s production value will be top notch.  We’ve seen Bodog and Elite XC with known fighters only to crash and burn because of their crappy production.  If Couture signs with M-1, it will give the new organization even more exposure and a bigger draw.

I’ve met Randy several times and he has always been a cool and humble guy. He never turns down his fans for autographs and pictures. With his announcement, I respect him even more. I hope he fights Fedor in the future.

pixel Couture done with UFC.

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