Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

ryoko Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

Okay so I went to West Hollywood as well for Halloween and saw some pretty weird, out there costumes. My own friend, dressed as Dark Helmet and was no exception to this rule. With all the craziness from the the weekend, I decided to do an installment on the crazy hairs of anime. Bring on the list!

10) The Super Sayains from DBZ… Really the hair all up and stuff is weird. Plus if I could get a instant bleaching like that, I’d be so happy.

9) Chii from Chobits. The hair spools are adorable and cute but also really weird. I mean what is their function? Do they magically do something that no other hair accessory can?

8) Chiyo Mihama from Azumanga Daioh. Really, her hair reached epic levels of comedy from the idea that they came off simply to the whole notion that they provided her with her ultimate life source. No other anime hair style was so much laughed at.

7) Ryoko from Tenchi. The space pirate lady just had a massive amount of hair that seemed to defy gravity with its ability to stand up like that. Her inventor or mother depending on what version you watched had a longer extension of this style. Come to think of it Ayeka and Sasami had weird hair as well.

6) Inami from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. I know this is an underground series, but really, Inami had hair that could attack people.  It also grew and became vine like. If that does not constitute weird bizarre hair, I don’t know what would. Oh and she’s a warrior too.  Added bonus.

5) Inoue Miyako from Digmimon Season Two. Inoue Miyako and her counterpart, Sora Takenouchi, both had the weirdest hats ever to be seen by a child audience. They both had similar Digimon partners and obviously Inoue was supposed to be the mix of both Sora and Mimi. Her hat beats Sora’s in strangeness.

DNAngel Dark Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

 4) Dark from DN.Angel. It is time for another guy and Dark has one of those hair styles. You have to wonder how much hair gel he used in his former life to keep it up like that. I bet if someone fell on one of those strands, it becomes a danger liability.

3) Utena’s hair from The Adolescence of Utena. The pink hair actually was okay for me, it wasn’t the color that did it so much for me. But it was the fact that at random points her hair grew from being nothing to these long pink tresses. If I had simply found her hair color strange I would have said Utena from the series, not specifically her hair from the movie. I guess also if I mention Utena I have to give hair credit to Juri with her curls.

 joy Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

 2) Nurse Joy from Pokemon. I know that practically every girl that Brock had a crush on in this series had a beyond weird hair style and color but the top one had to be Nurse Joy with her pink hairdo. I remember the song even to this day. I think her cousin Officer Jenny had some pretty strange hair color and style as well, but yet again it was Nurse Joy I remembered the most from that series. How did she get her hair like that. And how the hell did she have so many sisters, cousins, etc.?

princess1 Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

1) Usagi Tsukino, Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon. No matter what form she was in Usagi, she had that hairstyle. It defined her as a silly character. Compared to the rest of the cast her hairstyle, I think it was supposed to set her apart from them. It gave her also the ability to be the “Bunny of the Moon” as her name means in Japanese. Not only that but her own boyfriend and romantic interests thereafter continuously used the hairstyle to tread the dangerous line of flirtation and teasing.

pixel Crazy Hair of Anime/Manga

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