Cure for Rejection: Tylenol

Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets 325 Count Cure for Rejection: Tylenol 

So you’re talking to a girl at some bar only to get rejected for your efforts.  It hurts right?  Well, a University of Kansas research might have found the cure for you: Tylenol.  The study scanned the participants brain after social rejection and the test showed Tylenol takers were less hurt than the people that took placebo.  Scientists are thinking that there’s a correlation between physical pain and social rejection.  So if you’re not feeling pain, you’re more than less likely to be sensitive.

So next time I go out, I’ll be sure to take a couple of Tylenol’s beforehand and bring a 50 capsule bottle with me.  This way I can get rejected 50 times and not cry about it…well maybe a little.

pixel Cure for Rejection: Tylenol

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