Custom Catra!

Sometimes you just have to go for it, you have to take something that you want to make better and get risky by applying paint, or trying your hand at sculpting; maybe even sew something up to enhance the piece to your liking…

C Catra 0 Custom Catra!

My first customized action figure (since I was a kid). I chose Catra from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Now, Catra was nice to begin with, sculpted in the form of the 80’s Filmation cartoon character from She-Ra, Princess of Power. However, I really wasn’t happy deep down inside; so what to do? I’ve always been good at working with my hands, so it was natural to just take the risk of wrecking a $20 action figure by trying to make it the way I would prefer it to be. What went through my mind was all the disgusting failures that I had created in my childhood and wondered if I would get the same outcome—so, I took all of my fine motor skills of crafting jewelry, building model cars and my ability to sew and decided to do my best!

Cust Catra 1 Custom Catra!

What do you think?

C Catra 1 Custom Catra!

My original plan was to create the 80’s action doll by remaking the upper part of Catra’s dress by using Sculpy, so I molded a chunk to the figure and began sculpting with wax carving tools that are used in jewelry and formed the ribs, “flame” and even a mount for an oval shaped synthetic ruby at her chest. I was quite patient in doing it and the end result was very nice and I figured after some filing and sanding it would look great after the paint application.

C Catra 2 Custom Catra!

I baked the piece and man was I disappointed! It became misshapen and even though I wanted to give it a last chance by finishing it off and painting it, even the details, it looked terrible, so I tried to flex it in one last time and it exploded in my hands—oh well, back to the drawing board.

C Catra 3 Custom Catra!

I had decided to go with my own Catra, something that took some of the production colors which looked nice and something that was my own creation with additions of the 80’s action doll. I sculpted a smaller piece to mount the synthetic ruby by molding it into her dress so I could glue it perfectly. I then baked the piece on a sprue to keep the bottom from burning and was successful. While it was still hot, I broke it off the sprue and took a knife and removed any extra parts and smoothed it. After the piece cooled and hardened into its plastic-like form I used very fine sand paper to smooth it and shape it a bit. I then painted it and mounted the ruby with super glue.

C Catra 4 Custom Catra!

I had used Testors model paint in silver and black to paint the body parts carefully—although there is red showing, it’s not so major that I care; some red is better than “frozen” joints and parts not fitting correctly like the mask which attaches to her head through exact sculpting.
Once the paint was dry, I used super glue to attach the jewel mount and sewed up the fur piece with a curved tail. The fur is removable with the use of a small fabric snap which is hidden by the tail and all that fur that sheds more than the cats!

All in all, I’m quite happy with my first successful custom action figure. I enjoy Catra more in this form, she seems more powerful and more her own character, as she was in the mini comics that came with the She-Ra action dolls. This Catra is not Hordak’s “bitch,” she is Queen Catra of Crystal Castle!!!

C Catra 5 Custom Catra!

Catra has had all she can stands, she can’t stands no more! Facing She-Ra in battle for the prize in which she deserves; Crystal Castle and the Sword of Protection, it will be hers!!!

C Catra 6 Custom Catra!

(Use your imagination here), Catra and She-Ra square off in a peachy, girly, mini comic battle swinging their swords but never hitting (kind of like the A-Team with their machine guns) and finally, She-Ra can’t withstand the awesomeness of Catra!

C Catra 7 Custom Catra!

She-Ra has fallen and now, Queen Catra of Crystal Castle stands victorious with the Sword of Protection in hand…its time to turn this “G” rated battle into NC17!

It’s over She-Ra fans, you can stop screaming!!!

C Catra 8 Custom Catra!

Queen or Princess Catra of Crystal Castle looks bad-ass on the shelf with her cat sword and shield, the fur with the tail is just awesome if I do say so myself, the color scheme turned out just great and although the sculpted piece could have been a bit better, I’m pretty satisfied with it for being my first time using it.

Please, leave a comment below, tell me what you think.

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