CW Going for Another Round of Wonder Woman

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Okay so the last Wonder Woman TV show was dead on arrival. A sure sign the project was in trouble before it even started was all the outcry over the costume. Then came the set photos of a decked out Wonder Woman running through the streets – yikes.

So now they’ve decided to go back and make an origin story about how Wonder Woman came to be; sort of like a feminist version of Smallville, I guess. The working title is Amazon. Grey’s Anatomy/OC scribe Allen Heinberg is penning the script but he does have some superhero experience having also worked on Justice League of America and Young Avengers.

Considering the success of period shows like Game of Thrones and Spartacus, this just might be the right way to do this. Hook the audience in with a couple seasons of a pre-invisible jet Diana, then bust out with the patriotic costume once the audience is already too invested to turn the channel. Well played, CW.

[Source: AV Club]

pixel CW Going for Another Round of Wonder Woman

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