Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

Daft+Punk Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

While the jury is still out on whether Tron: Legacy is worth the $150 million budget, movie goers seem to believe so as Tron opened this weekend with $43 million so far. That might not seem like a lot but since the weekend before Christmas isn’t known for being a time when people traditionally hit the theaters, it’s not so bad. That Russell Crowe movie that opened opposite Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago only made $3 million. Now that’s bad!

As a fan of the original movie who understands what the concept is about, I fully expect to enjoy every minute of this film when I make it to the theater to see it over Christmas weekend. But there have been grumblings that the story is weak and that maybe the movie won’t be able to cover it’s monstrous production costs. All I can say is, this is a movie about a guy getting pulled into a video game. If you saw the original then you know that Tron is all about the visuals. What are people expecting, Shakespeare?

This relatively tame opening weekend (in comparison to Harry Potter’s opening – okay, I get it) has people worried and looking to the overseas market. I, personally, have a feeling Tron will also recoup in other ways like merchandising and DVD sales so I’m not particularly concerned. What everyone seems to agree on, however, is that the movie’s score – created by the French electronica duo Daft Punk – is definitely one of the best parts of the movie. They even have a cameo as two DJ’s in a club (yes video game worlds have clubs, too!) Daft Punk, who are known for wearing robot costumes when performing on stage, are said to have written this original score with the best intentions. Tron: Legacy music producer Jason Bentley (The Matrix) told MTV News: “They’re such huge fans of popular culture,” said Bentley. “The score that they set out to make was one that could stand with ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Superman.’ They weren’t shooting for a Daft Punk record. They wanted to create a full-bodied, timeless score.”

Daft+Punk Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are the members of Daft Punk. They first appeared on the music scene in the early 90’s and won a grammy in 2007 for Best Electronic/Dance album. With all the positive reviews and hype surrounding Daft Punk’s work on Tron, I fully expect to hear more soundtracks from them in the future. Here is the video for Daft Punk’s song “Derezzed.”

Daft Punk “Derezzed”

0 Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

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pixel Daft Punk and the Tron Legacy

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