Darabont Not Working on Walking Dead Anymore

9283f Darabont Not Working on Walking Dead Anymore

A couple of weeks ago, Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Mist), reportedly left as the producer for AMC’s tv show, the Walking Dead.  Today, it is being reported by Hollywood Reporter that he got fired for sticking up for a director and trying to use footage that AMC didn’t want used.

I liked the first two episodes of the first season and even though the rest were okay, I still watched all of them.  The show lost focus and started preaching about social issues and the importance of family.  Instead of being subtle about it they made sure the viewers got the point that gang members are still good guys.

I have a feeling Darabont wanted to stick as close to the comics as possible but AMC intervened and made it worse with later episodes.  Darabont also wasn’t happy because the budget was cut for the second season.  I thought everyone watched this show? Maybe it’s like  the show “24,” everyone talks about it but the ratings aren’t as high as the hype.

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

pixel Darabont Not Working on Walking Dead Anymore

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