Dark Knight Breaks Box Office Records

Dark Knight broke box office records over the weekend by taking in $158 million. The movie also broke record for a single day take, taking in $67.9 million on Friday. The previous records were held by Spider Man 3, taking in $151 million for the weekend and $58 million for a single day.

I watched Dark Knight again earlier tonight and I still have mixed feelings about it: Joker is one smart crazy villain and the story is pretty solid. What still bothered me most about the movie is the damn sonar Batman used. Still a solid movie. I’d give it a B.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the Dark Knight, check out these 6 exclusive videos from Comcast. I enjoyed video #4 the most because I was just there a few months back. Brings back memories.

pixel Dark Knight Breaks Box Office Records

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