The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Director’s Cut?

the dark knight rises poster lead The Dark Knight Rises Blu ray Director’s Cut?

Now that TDKR has passed the 1 billion mark in theaters, we now look onto the long rumored director’s cut of the film. It has been rumored that this even longer version of the 2

hour 45 minute epic will contain scenes of Bane’s true origin along with scenes of him training with the League similar to Bruce in Begins.

It will also show us how his mask evolved and will feature more scenes with Ras Al Ghul to further expand on his back story, it is also reported that this version will be about 30 minutes or so longer than the theatrical cut making it to over 3 hours long!

Now while this is a long shot, this could be the next Daredevil Director’s Cut, that is famous for making the movie infinitely better.  If this is true, then we could finally see how Bruce got back to Gotham along with some plot holes or dangling threads finally answered,

Since Begins and TDK did not suffer the unfortunate fate of having important scenes cut out, unlike Rises, I personally hope this is true and if its not….. well you still got the movie, so what do I have to complain about?

pixel The Dark Knight Rises Blu ray Director’s Cut?

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