David Fincher Produces Next Halo 4 Trailer

davidfincher halo4 David Fincher Produces Next Halo 4 Trailer

David Fincher is a nerd. No really, he is.  Don’t let the fact that he directed the guy film to end all guy films Fight Club fool you. He’s as nerdy as they come. How do I know this? Because some guys at Microsoft ratted him out to The Daily Beast. Apparently, Fincher’s a huuuuge Halo fan; so huge that he was more than happy to produce a 2 minute trailer for the new Halo 4 game coming out in November.  This trailer will air for the first time (or get leaked on Youtube sometime sooner) on October 18 during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So mark your calendars!

Elsewhere in Halo 4 news, word has it if you watch 3 of the 4 presidential debates on your Xbox, you’ll get some shiny, undoubtedly spangly, “warrior armor” for your suit. Not only that, they’re saying Conan O’brien and his sidekick Andy Richter will reportedly provide the voices for two of the side characters.

My favorite video game voice-over cast by far has been the three guys from Firefly/ Serenity (Mal, Wash and Jayne) who lent their vocal talents to the Halo 3 ODST track. Hey Bungie, here’s an idea:  a HALO 3 ODST sequel!

pixel David Fincher Produces Next Halo 4 Trailer

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