David Goyer to Adapt 100 Bullets for Showtime

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After having written scripts for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, not to mention the Blade trilogy and Nolan’s upcoming Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill, it would seem David S. Goyer has cornered the market on writing comic to film adaptations.  (Where was he back when Daredevil and Elektra came out, I wonder?)  According to Deadline, Showtime now has Goyer working on a new TV series based on the 100 Bullets comic put out by Vertigo/DC.

Here is a synopsis from its third issue:

Crafted by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso, 100 BULLETS is arguably the finest collaborative comic book this medium has produced in decades, weaving such themes as fatherhood, baseball and organized crime into a series of poignant tales as dark in their humor as they are gut-wrenching in their pathos. They are the stories of haunted, marginalized people who slip through life on sheer inertia, until their destinies are irrevocably changed by a man known only as Agent Graves. A cross between the archangel Gabriel and an old-fashioned G-man, the ghostlike Graves comes into their lives with a powerful handgun and 100 untraceable bullets. His offer? Opportunity. The opportunity to exact vengeance – or the opportunity to make amends. It is the dichotomy between these two choices which makes 100 BULLETS so engaging. While the untraceable bullets offer immunity from the law, the characters find that they cannot shield themselves from the moral consequences of their actions.”  – Jim Lee, 2001.

The set-up is perfect for a TV series:  every episode a different story of revenge with the one main character and his magic gun as the common thread – who will fire the gun and who will take a higher path? Of course, not everything Goyer touches turns to gold. ( There truly is nothing more hilarious to me than seeing Nic Cage’s head spontaneously burst into flame).  But this will definitely be something to watch for.  Maybe I won’t be cancelling my Showtime subscription after all…

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pixel David Goyer to Adapt 100 Bullets for Showtime

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