David Slade to Direct Daredevil Reboot

david slade daredevil David Slade to Direct Daredevil Reboot

As previously reported on Nerdosciety, a Daredevil reboot has been in-development.  Well the wheels are turning faster as David Slade, the guy who directed Twilight Saga: Eclipse and 30 Days of Night has been added to direct the project.  He has also directed music videos for Stone Temple Pilots, Muse and System of a Down.

There has been some terrifying rumor that Robert Pattinson is supposed to play Matt Murdock.  When asked about it, he denied it saying “I don’t know where that one came from at all.”  No sign of Ben Affleck, either.  It was reported way back when the first Daredevil came out that Jennifer Garner had signed a 3-pic deal as Elektra.  Since so much time has passed and neither DD nor Elektra did very well at the box office, I would think she managed to opt out of a third go around as the sai-twirling assassin.

Peter Chernin and Dillon Clark of Chernin Entertainment are producing.  Other projects they’ve got on their To Do list include:  Rise of the Apes, Missle Command, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Although David Scarpa was named early last year, no writer is being officially announced.  This Daredevil is supposedly going to pick up where the last movie left off.  Hmm, so that means Elektra may or may not be dead and no Bullseye.

So, how about Lady Bullseye…?

Daredevil 111 DodsonVariantCover David Slade to Direct Daredevil Reboot

[Source: THR, G4, Movie Insider]

pixel David Slade to Direct Daredevil Reboot

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