DC Artist Quits then Goes Postal on Twitter

liefeld sdcc09 DC Artist Quits then Goes Postal on Twitter

In the past week, controversial artist/writer Rob Leifeld, who had been working on Deathstroke, Grifter and Savage Hawkman, officially quit DC citing creative issues he was having with his editors. He then openly criticized some major players at DC and Marvel including Batman writer Scott Snyder and the Senior VP of Publishing at Marvel Tom Brevoort; even going as far as calling associate editor Brian Smith a “little bitch” and a “big dick.” Leifeld has now been dubbed the “Charlie Sheen of comics” after he publicly asserted that Marvel VP Tom Brevoort is a “loser fat ass” on Twitter.

Batman writer Scott Snyder defended Brian Smith by saying that he had always found working with the editor to be a positive experience. In response, Leifeld tweeted “It’s not you. It never has been. It’s Batman.”

After that it was pretty much on as Leifeld and Snyder then engaged in a twitter battle where Snyder boasted  “I can assure you Batman doesn’t sell the way it does because it’s Batman. It sells that way because of me and Greg (Capullo).” Wow, okay so Leifeld obviously didn’t agree with this at all and then told Snyder to get over himself and called him a “pretentious prick.”  Then he went on to tell Snyder: “Excuse me if I don’t marvel at your amazing abilities to write Batman. Piss off. I’d like to think that if your going to wave your ego around on Batman you’d remember all that came before you.”

Snyder snapped back: “Your twitter feeds are the best thing you’ve written all year” to which Leifeld responded: “Of course because it’s not edited.”

Snyder goes on to say that “Batman might sell in spite of me and @GregCapullo as u say, but Deathstroke and Hawkman failed because of you!” Damn!  Here’s a screenshot of part of this very mature, professional, and intellectually grounded exchange:

liefeld snyder tweets2 625x838 DC Artist Quits then Goes Postal on Twitter

This has been brewing for a while apparently as Leifeld tweeted in July that he wanted to leave DC to work on something creator-owned. Cricket also reported on some complaints Leifeld lodged earlier this month on Twitter about Deadpool. On a lighter note, his comic Bloodstrike, which originally came out in ’93 and was relaunched this year on Image, has been optioned for a feature film.

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pixel DC Artist Quits then Goes Postal on Twitter

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