DC Direct Statues Must Have…For Sept & Oct

DC Direct just announced there latest wave of statues for September and October.  That’s right, collectable companies announce products early to gauge what will be a hit…or miss.

These are just the ones that I’m interested in and worth noting.  Keep in mind they release much more and the whole list can be found here.

Greg Capullo Batman black & white statue.  Retails for $80.  I’m buying this shiznit.  I wish it was the traditional costume instead of the new 52 design.  They already did one with the new costume a year or so ago.  I’m still getting it because I love Capullo’s art.

Also by Capullo, is the Joker version.  I will not be getting it because Death of the Family storyline was mediocre and I don’t like Joker have a Leatherface mask.

Bombshell Poison Ivy will retail for $125.  This is a must have for me because I love the eco-villain.  It’s in scale with the 12 inch statues, although she’s sitting down.  So she looks smaller at first glance.

Bats vs Killer Croc is also part of the 12 inch scale.  This one is a diorama and has a base.  This statue has been released before with a black and grey costume for Batman.  For the 2nd release, Batman has now the black & grey costume.  Retails for $300.

pixel DC Direct Statues Must Have...For Sept & Oct

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