DC Universe Online Will Be Free to Play

DC Universe Online DC Universe Online Will Be Free to Play

Only eight months following the release of DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the MMO will be free to play starting in October.  This latest move is not, according to SOE President John Smedley, happening because of low subscriber numbers.  The game apparently cost Sony a lot more than they thought it would and they were planning on going free to play from the beginning. 

While PS3 and PC players can download the game for free, there are levels which cost money to play and there will be microtransactions where you can download gamepacks, powers, character slots, etc. for a nominal fee. The Free level gives you two characters, access to Gotham City and Metropolis, and you can purchase additional game packs, character slots, powers, etc.  Former subscribers (and anyone who has spent $5 bucks) will have access to the Premium level which has added character and inventory slots than the Free level, but where you can also purchase even more stuff. Then there’s the Legendary level which costs $14.99/month which seems to be like an unlimited type deal where you don’t have to purchase anything extra.  You get over 15 characters, 80 inventory slots, and the ability to form leagues of any number.  Here is the DC Online Gameplay Trailer in HD:

0 DC Universe Online Will Be Free to Play

[Source: IGN]


pixel DC Universe Online Will Be Free to Play

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