Death Note Director Fights Changes to Story

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Director Shane Black, who is also working on Iron Man 3, told a crowd during his panel at the Long Beach comic-con on Saturday that Warner studio execs wanted to make some changes to the Death Note story and that he fought to keep it true to the original. 

One change the studio wanted to make was to give Light Yagami a backstory that would explain more fully his penchant for evil.  Specifically, they wanted him to have murdered a childhood friend when he was younger.  I would think that would take away from the actual power of the book to give someone the ability to kill.  If Light’s already a killer, he doesn’t need the book!  I think the real mystery and suspense surrounding the book is its influence on someone who wouldn’t ordinarily succumb to murderous urges.

Another attempted change which, to me, is the most drastic one they could even consider, is that they wanted to drop the Shinigami (gods of death) altogether.  I, personally, can’t imagine Death Note without that big scary dude who not only gave Light his power to kill so effortlessly but was basically his only friend and confidant. 

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I can’t even believe Warner considered it.  Then it would be all about the book and they’d have to come up with a new backstory to explain how the book can do all that.  Ugh.  The film is still in-development and despite rumors, Zach Efron has not yet been cast to play Light…

[Source:  ANN]


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