Demo-Man and Alcala Skeletor!

It took over a month but finally I received Demo-Man, the last figure from the 2011 Masters of the Universe,, Club Eternia subscription.

D Man 0 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

The white mailer box is great, like The Wind Raider and The Star Sisters it has a misprint of “Snake Mountain” printed at the bottom where “Cringer” was at the bottom of the Star Sisters box and “Battle Ram Chariot” was at the bottom of the Wind Raider box–it’s got to be a puzzle game…? OR, Maybe not–whatever.

D Man 1 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

Demo-Man is an interesting figure, he is the original concept of Skeletor as Vikor is the concept of He-Man. The figure itself contains a lot of green paint with a wash of color texture throughout. The legs have no detail except the toes and the head sculpt is absolutely new.

D Man 2 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

The back of the box features a mixed selection of “Also Available” characters and a new bio which means nothing to me, maybe you like it?

D Man 3 1024x585 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

Here is a close-up of the bio…Notice that his name was thought up while someone was on the toilet.

D Man 4 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

Out of the package Demo-Man sports a bone-tied beard and a ghastly face, he has a good amount of detail including spikes on his head and a decent “outfit” including a raggedy tunic and silver strapping armor over his shoulders which is removable with the head. Also included is an elbow “pad” that is movable. Demo-Man’s loincloth “sucks for him” it is way too small and has a hole–talk about disturbing, what a savage monster, if he squats his “junk” will hang out…SICK!

D Man 5 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

Demo-Man has a great selection of accessories including a cool beat-up sword, a spiked ball on a cord and a jaw-less skull with a viking helmet–it must have been Vikor’s–those poor concept art rejects…This skull head can actually fit on the ball joint of the figures, it’s not just for looks.

D Man Sk 1 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

The final accessory included with Demo-Man is the Skeletor head in the style of Alfredo P. Alcala the artist of the original mini comics dated 1981.

D Man Books 1024x323 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

Alcala is or was my favorite Masters of the Universe mini comics artist. As seen in the photo, the four books, “Battle in the Clouds,” “He-Man and the Power Sword,” “King of Castle Grayskull” and “The Vengence of Skeletor” are just beautiful, he is one hell of an artist!

D Man Sk 2 1024x796 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

The sculpt of the head is great and looks awesome on the MOTU/DC Universe 2pk Skeletor (yeah, I know the color is off). Trying my best to match the page from “King of Castle Grayskull” Skeletor is holding the Power Sword that the figure comes with which appears to be golden in the illustration–it’s gray, but it comes off as gold–so, close enough.

D Man Shelf 1024x474 Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

As seen in the shelf photo, Demo-Man is towards the rear because I really don’t care much for the character, I bought it for the Skeletor head which once again is awesome! This is the first figure I picked up that I opened and don’t have another one sealed on the card.

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GRADE: C (for Demo-Man, he is just too green, there could have been a different color used for his beard at the least).

GRADE: A+ (for the Alcala style Skeletor head, what a great sculpt)!

GRADE: F- (for the screw up with shipping and release of the figure).

pixel Demo Man and Alcala Skeletor!

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