Despicable Me DVD Release Date – Worth Buying?

despicable me Despicable Me DVD Release Date   Worth Buying?

CGI film Despicable Me will be officially released on Dc. 14th. Yes, that`s something of a wait, but it sounds like it will be worth it. You can get it in several versions:  a DVD double-pack, 3-disc blu-ray/DVD combo/digital copy combo, or the 4-disc blu-ray in 3D/blu-ray/DVD/ digital copy pack.

All of the packages are loaded with special features, including director commentary, a section all about the voice talent {Steve Carell, Julie Andrews, Russell Brand, amomg others} and three “mini-movies” starring the unique potato-like Minion characters.  The packs with Blu-ray discs have even more goodies.  I`m intrigued by the Minion Dominion App for Iphone and Ipad-control your own Minion by turning and  rotating your phone!  Maybe they won`t contribute to cinema literacy, but  features like this  are just nifty fun.

But how about the actual film? Is it good enough to merit a purchase, especially with rising prices for all of these feature-laced packages?   In general, my answer is “yes”.   I saw Despicable Me this summer and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Steve Carell provides the voice of Gru, a super-villain whose career goal is to steal the moon.   An apparent mix of Lex Luthor and Ichabod Crane, the long-legged baddie relishes his work .  A typical day involves cruising around his suburban ‘hood in a tank-like  car and using a freeze-ray to immobilize folks in a coffee shop.  His house is  a creepy Addams Family-esque mansion, the basement filled with the aforementioned Minions who  cater to his every villainous whim. However, Gru hits a roadblock when the “Bank of Evil” won`t approve a loan for his moon-stealing project.

Undaunted, he comes up with the idea of using three girl orphans to help him obtain a shrink-ray from obnoxious fellow villain and neighbor Vector.  But it`s not so simple: he  begins to grow fond of the kids as they work on  a plan to get into Vector`s home.   A lot of the movie`s humor comes from the contrast between  the lifestyles of villains and little girls: when the tots innocently explore the living room, they  marvel at the  furniture{crafted from various dead animals} and one of them gets temporarily locked inside an Iron Maiden.  It`s a bit strange to have someone like Gru become a father figure.  But he tackles the task with style: springing for dance lessons, reading bedtime stories,  and taking down a rigged carnival game with weapons so that the youngest girl can win a  unicorn.

Though mawkish at times, the movie strikes a neat balance between  dry humor  and heart-warming fluff.  The CGI is excellent, kind of a cross between Pixar and old Warner Brothers fare, the action rarely slows, and voice talents Carell and Jason Segel as Vector are first-rate.  The real treat is the character of Gru: he`s  smugly pleased with himself even in moments of goodness. As one of the orphans notes, “He`s really scary, but nice-like Santa Claus.” Definitely worth  a second look.  I`m leaning toward  the 3-disc option myself.

pixel Despicable Me DVD Release Date   Worth Buying?

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