Devastator is Back!

toysdevastatorgiftset1a Devastator is Back! 

Out of all the Transformers toys that I have collected when I was a kid, my favorite was Devastator.   For Transformers toys, it was already cool enough to be able to transform from a car to a robot. Then they released the Constructicons, six transforming contruction vehicles, that when combined together, creates one giant robot called Devastator.

From, Devastator has been confirmed for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the sequel to last year’s summer hit.  I for one, am excited to see the Constructicons and Devastator devastating Earth. 

For those of you that have noticed in the first movie, Devastator was featured as a modified M1 Abrams tank. Yet when Hasbro released the toy, he was named Brawl.  I’m going to assume two things, maybe Devastator transforms into 6 separate robots, or the writers are hoping that the audience won’t remember and just pretend that Devastator for Revenge of the Fallen is not related to the first Devastator in the first movie. 

Speaking of Devastator, I gave away my figures to one of my buddies because he’s more of a fan, but now I want him back =(

pixel Devastator is Back!

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